THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE DOMINANT SPECIES OF MICRYPHANTID SPIDERS IN PADDY FIELD AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS The Influence of Low-dose Pesticides on the Insect-control Power of Paddyfield Spiders A STUDY ON THE SPIDERS POPULATION DYNAMIC IN A FORAGE CROP FIELD THE APPLICATION OF SEROLOGICAL METHOD FOR APPRAISING THE SUPPRESSION EFFECT OF WOLF SPIDERS ON RICE LEAF ROLLER IN PADDY FIELD Influence of Seasonal and Daily Changes of Spatial Niche of Spiders in Paddy Field and Two Insecticides to Spatial Niche and Predatory Function Studies of hemocytes DNA damage by two pesticides acetamiprid and chlorpyrifos in predaceous spiders of Pardosa astrigera Koch Effects of the surrounding habitat on the spider community and leafhopper population in tea plantations THE EFFECTS OF TWO KINDS OF PYRETHROID ON THE INSECT COMMUNITY OF MASSON’S PINE STANDS Geostatistical analysis of spatial patterns of Nesidiocoris tenuis(Reuter)(Hemiptera: Miridae)and its natural enemy spiders