Community Structures and Diversity of Natural Enemies Between Integrated Pest Management and Conventional Management of Jujube Orchards Correlations of Soil Enzyme Activity and Microbes,Nutrients in Soil of Jujube Orchard in Coastal Saline Land Investigation of populations of parasitic wasps parasitizing Carposina sasakii Matsumura (Lepidoptera: Carposinidae) in jujube orchards in China, with respect to the wasp-host relationship Spatial distribution pattern and space dependence of Contarinia spand Erigonidium graminicola in jujube orchard THE NICHE OF IMPORTANT PESTS AND NATURAL ENEMIES AND COMPETITION AMONG THE SPECIES IN JUJUBE ORCHARD ECOSYSTEM Influence of the Plant Communities and Landscape of the Jujube Orchards on the Outbreak of Ceroplastes japonicus