Time dynamics of insect community in cotton field of Shanxi Province Studies on insect community characteristics and time dynamics of juju be tree in greenhouse STUDY ON INSECT COMMUNITY DYNAMICS OF SECONDARY SUCCESSION IN XISHUANGBANNA STUDIES ON THE INFLUENCE OF THE CLOSEDFOREST ON THE STRUCTURE, DIVERSITYAND STABILITY OF INSECT COMMUNITY STUDIES ON THE TEMPORAL STRUCTURE AND DYNAMIS OF THE INSECT COMMUNITIES IN GARDENS Insect diversity of different habitat types in Zhalong Wetland, Northeast China. THE EFFECTS OF TWO KINDS OF PYRETHROID ON THE INSECT COMMUNITY OF MASSON’S PINE STANDS COMMUNITY DYNAMICS AND STABILITY OF INSECTS IN MASSON PINE FORESTS Insect community and its diversity in Mangrove forest at Yingluo Bay of Guangxi Insect community diversity and abundance in diversified pine forests Cutting effects on the insect community structure and dynamics of alfalfa pasture The structure and diversity of insect community in Taihu Wetland Mowing effects no the insect community structure and dynamics on jujube trees at jujube forests intercropped with pasture EFFECTS OF DIMILIN ON THE INSECT COMMUNITY DIVERSITY OF MASSON’S STANDS Insect community structure in spring and summer cotton fields Structure, Dynamics and Niche of Dominant Population of Insect Community in Peach Orchards of Beijing Insect community structure and its stability in a Zanthoxylum bungeanum garden with different planting pattern. MATHEMATICAL DEMONSTRATION FOR THE ECOLOGICALEFFECTS OF PLANT COMMUNITY ON COMMUNITYAND POPULATION OF INSECT STUDIES ON THE DIVERSITY AND INSECT COMMUNITY IN DIFFERENT INTERCROPPED AND MANAGED JUJUBE YARD ECOSYSTEMS STUDIES ON THE DIVERSITY OF INSECT COMMUNITY IN THE HORSETAIL PINE,PINUS MASSONIANA,FORESTS IN DIFFERENT REGIONS EFFECTS OF CROPPING SYSTEMS ON THE COMPOSITIONS AND STRUCTURES OF INSECT COMMUNITIES IN WHEAT FIELDS Ecological Niches of Insect Community in Taihu Wetland Characteristics,dynamics and niche of insect community in plum orchard The time structure and dynamic of insect communities in the bush vegetation restoration areas of Zhifanggou watershed in Loess hilly region Community composition and phototaxis of insects in tea plantations in Southern Jiangshu Province during late fall Insect Diversity of Different Forest Types in Xiaoxing‘anling Mountains Structure dynamics of insect communities in typical artificial and primeval forests during restoring stages in Xiaoxing’an Mountain, Northeast China. A STUDY ON THE INSECT COMMUNITY AND IT’S STRUCTURE OF TIME AND SPACE IN STANDS OF PINUS MASSONIANA Insect Communities in Four Artificial Forests on Heshan Hilly Landin Guangdong Province,China Insect Community Niche in the Zhalong Wetland