Effects of Roadside Slope Gradient on Plant Diversity during Revegetation Effect of Disturbance on the Community Species Diversity in Yunding Mount. Subalpine Meadow Characteristics of Osmunda vachellii Communities and Species Diversity from Mount Maluanshan in Shenzhen Comparison of Species Composition and Diversity of Four Successional Forest Communities in Zhejiang Province,East China Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Cluster Analysis for the Weedy Rice in Ningxia Province Genetic Diversity Analysis of Registered Rice Varieties in Heilongjiang Province Based on SSR Markers Evaluation on Genetic Diversity of Cotton Germplasm Resources(Gossypium hirsutum L) on Morphological Characters Establishment and Analyses of a genetic diversity fixed core collection of cucumber(Cucumis sativus L.) Advance in Application of SCoT molecular Markers in plants Development and diversity of calyx morphology from bud stage to fruit maturity in tomato Phenotypic Diversity Analysis of Major Variaties of Salvia Splendens in China Genetic Diversity Analysis of Japonica Rice Landraces (Oryza sativa L.) from Shanghai Based on DUS Testing Genetic diversity of buckwheat and its wild species Comparative Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Landrace and Modern Rice Varieties in China The morphological diversity and correlation research of Gu Jing wild tea plant from Guizhou Diversity analysis of leaf mustard germplasms based on phenotypic traits Analysis on Genetic Diversity of Barbarea Vulgaris Germplasm Resources Based on Phenotypic Traits Genetic diversity of hexaploid Triticale analyzed by SSR markers Genetic Diversity Analysis of Natural Populations in Paeonia Delavayi Classification for Gerbera DUS Testing Quantitative Traits and Diversity Analysis of Mrphological Characteristic Phenotype and SSR-Based Genetic Diversity Assessment in Peanut Characteristics and Geographical Distribution of Yunnan Crops Resources Different SSR Detection Techniques and their Application in Genetic Diversity Analysis of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Cultivars Genetic diversity of Switchgrass(Panicum virgatum L. ) germplasms detected by SCoT Markers Genetic Diversity of HMW—GS in Wheat Abodanza from Qinghai Genetic Diversity Evaluation of Cassava and Primary Screening of High-yielding Germplasm Genetic diversity and population structure of Larix principis rupprechtii Mayr in Hebei Province Comparative Analysis of Genetic Diversity for Different Period Rice Varieties in Ningxia Genetic diversity analysis on sweet sorghum germplasm resources of different origins based on agronomical traits Genetic diversity analysis of sweet sorghum germplasm resources from different origins using agronomical traits Genetic diversity analysis of sweet sorghum germplasm resources from different origins using agronomical traits Analysis on genetic diversity of rice varieties from different countries Phenotypic Variation of Stem Form and Branching Structure from Hevea brasiliensis Germplasm Resources in Yunnan Province Genetic Diversity of Winter Wheat Cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) from Hebei Province Revealed by SSR Markers The study on genetic diversity of Populus szechuanica var. tibetica population from different altitude Genetic Diversity Analysis on Tobacco Germplasm Resistance to PVY Genetic Diversity Analysis of Persimmons (Diospyros kaki L) Germplasm Resources in Zhejiang Province using RAPD Diversity Analysis by Seed Traits and ISSR marker of Xanthium sibiricum Patrin Germplasm in Shandong Province Genetic Diversity and Genetic Variation of Populations Endangered Tree Cercidiphyllum japonicum On Microclimate Edge Effects of Tropical Rainforest Fragments in Xishuangbanna DYNAMICS OF SPECIES DIVERSITY IN THE RESTORATION PROCESS OF ARTIFICIAL SPRUCE CONIFER FOREST IN THE EASTERN EDGE OF QINGHAI-TIBET PLATEAU Plant Diversity Change in Grassland Communities Along a Grazing Disturbance Gradient in the Northeast China Transect Plant Diversity Along a Time Sequence(1-30 Years) of Artificial Forest Rehabilitation on Subalpine Cut Land in the Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau The Effect of Hill-Building Activities of Ants on the Species Diversity of Plant Communitiesin Songnen Grassland 蚂蚁筑丘活动对松嫩草地植物群落多样性的影响 COMMUNITY CHARACTERISTICS OF STIPA PURPUREA STEPPE IN SOURCE REGIONS OF CHANGJIANG AND HUANGHE RIVERS, CHINA A comparing study on the tree species diversities of gaps in natural evergreen broad-leaved forest in Mountain Wuyi Research on species diversity characteristics of the arbor layer in Sassafras tzumu community Genetic Diversity of Cephalotaxus mannii, a Rare and Endangered Plant Genetic Diversity of Gli-1,Gli-2 and Glu-1 Alleles Among Chinese Endemic Wheats Recent Advances on Endophyte Research Patterns of Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of the Clonal Herb, Potentilla fragarioides var. sprengeliana (Rosaceae) in Korea A Preliminary Study on Genetic Variation and Relationships of Pinus yunnanensis and Its Closely Related Species The Application of RAPD Markers in Diversity Detection and Variety Identification of Porphyra SPECIES DIVERSITY OF FLOOR BRYOPHYTE COMMUNITIES IN FOPING NATURE RESERVE STUDY ON SPECIES DIVERSITY AND PRIORITY AREA OF WILD OROHIDS IN HAINAN ISLAND SAMPLING STRATEGY FOR PRESERVATION OF GERM PLASM FROM DAVIDIA INVOLUCRATASONG PALAEO_BIODIVERSITY AT THE NORTHERN PIEDMONT OF TIANSHAN MOUNTAINS IN XINJIANG DURING THE MIDDLE TO LATE HOLOCENE A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE GENETIC DIVERSITY OF DIPTERONIA PLANT DIVERSITY IN QIANYANZHOU AFTER 20 YEARS OF SMALL WATERSHED TREATMENT NUMERICAL CLASSIFICATION AND SPECIES DIVERSITY OF CORTICOLOUS LICHEN COMMUNITIES IN FOREST ECOSYSTEMS OF THE TIANSHAN MOUNTAINS EFFECTS OF COMPLEMENTARITY ON DIVERSITY-PRODUCTIVITY RELATIONSHIP COMPARISON OF FRACTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SPECIES RICHNESS PATTERNS BETWEEN DIFFERENT PLANT TAXONOMIC GROUPS ALONG AN ALTITUDINAL GRADIENT Dynamics of Species Diversity of Communities in Restoration Processes in Horqin Sandy Land CONSERVATION BIOLOGY BASED ON THE SPATIAL ANALYSIS ADVANCES IN RESEARCH ON GENETIC DIVERSITY IN POPULUS FIFTY YEARS OF FOREST CHANGE IN NANJING SPIRIT VALLEY GROUND BRYOPHYTE COMPOSITION AND SYNUSIA STRUCTURE UNDER SIX TYPES OF YOUNG CONIFEROUS FOREST PLANTATIONS IN THE UPPER MINJIANG RIVER SPECIES DIVERSITY DYNAMICS OF FRAGMENTED TROPICAL RAINFORESTS IN THE LOWER-LANCANG/UPPER-MEKONG RIVER BASIN A STUDY ON PLANT DIVERSITY OF TROPICAL MONTANE RAIN FORESTS IN XISHUANGBANNA, YUNNAN Relationship Between Species Richness and Productivity in an Alpine Meadow Plant Community Allozyme Diversity in Natural Populations of Betula Alnoides from Guangxi, China A Review on Recent Advances in the Studies of Plant Breeding System Recent Advance of Research on Fungi in Forest Ecosystem Characristics of Species Diversity of Plant Communities in the Upper Reaches of Bailong River Diversity and Ecology of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Dujiangyan Studies on Reproduction Diversity in Potamogeton pectinatus Biodiversity and Ecosystem Productivity:Why Is There a Discrepancy in the Relationship Between Experimental and Natural Ecosystems? Diversity analysis of the largest subunit of the multi-component phenol hydroxylase (LmPH) gene from the phenol degrading microbial communities of an aeration tank of a coking wastewater treatment plant Influence of application of GC-clamp on study of soil microbial diversity by PCR-DGGE Effect of transgenic crops on biodiversity The structure and dynamics of the rareplant communities in subtropical mountian of China Natural distribution and community ecological characteristics of Taxus chinensis var. mairei in Shanxi Province, China.