STUDY ON THE BIONOMICS OF BEIJINGA UTILA YANG, AN IMPORTANT NATURAL ENEMY OF SCALE INSECTS BELONGING TO EULECANIUM Morphology, Behavior and Natural Enemies of Matsucoccus matsumurae (Homoptera: Matsucoccidae) during Development Semiochemicals used by natural enemies as host seeking signal Grey system analysis on dominant natural enemies influencing Aphis gosspyii population Influence of natural enemies on populations of wheat aphid and greenbug Investigation on Occurrence of Lycium Pests and Their Natrual Enemies SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION OF MASSON PINE CATERPI LLAR PUPAE ANDITS PARASITIC NATURAL ENEMY GUILDS FOR THE OVERWINTERING GENERATION IN THE DIFFERENTPINE FORESTS Biological Control of Apriona swainsoni (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) by Releasing the Parasitic Beetle Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae) Toxicity of spinosad to Plutella xylostella(L.)and its natural enemies Influence and Action Evaluation of the Functional Groups of Natural Enemies on Jujube Trees by Intercropped Herbage at Jujube Orchards Study on the Natural Enemy Complex of Oriental Moth Study on the Control Effect and Community of Natural Enemies of Dendrolimus punctatus in Different Type of Masson Pine Stand STUDY ON THE RESURGENCE CAUSED BY INSECTICIDES FOR COTTON APHID, APHIS GOSSYPII THE COORDINATE EFFECTS OF RESISTANT RICE VARIETIES AND NATURAL ENEMIES ON BROWN PLANTHOPPER POPULATION ON THE CHEMICAL CONTROL STRATEGIES OF ARROWHEAD SCALE UNASPIS YANONENSIS INCITRUS GARDEN Research progress in chemical communication among insect-resistant genetically modified plants, insect pests and natural enemies. Biological Characteristics of Platylomia pieli STUDIES ON CECIDOMYIA WENI JIANG Application of latent root regression method in analysis of predation of predatory natural enemy in paddy field Investigation of Year-Round Population Dynamics of Pseudoregma bambusicola and Its Regulating Factors Relationship between distribution Patterns or Aphis gossypii and its natural enemies Comparison analyses of scale insects and functional groups of natural enemy at jujube orchards intercropped with herbage Diversity and interspecific relationship of wheat aphid and natural enemy system in Ningxia Relationship between Oides decempunctata and its natural enemies under different fertilization treatments in grapery in Jianghuai hilly region and ancient course of the Yellow River Comparison of trapping efficacy of various colours for insects in tea gardens The effects of short-time food acclimation on the functional response of Orius sauteri reared to Corcyra cephalonica eggs Life habits of Moritziella castaneivora (Hemiptera: Phylloxeridae) and its control measures Bioactivity of avermectins to Chilo suppressalis Walker and Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenée and the influence to natural enemies in the paddy fields Canonical correlations between pests and natural enemies and their niches in alfalfa grasslands Studies on the natural enemy communities of white wax insects in the period of secreting white wax Ecological effects of wheat-oilseed rape intercropping combined with methyl salicylate release on Sitobion avenae and its main natural enemies. Spatial relationships among Empoasca vitis (Gothe) and Toxoptera aurantii (Boyer) and natural enemies in tea gardens of autumn-winter season in Hefei suburban Study on Biological Control of Fall Webworm by Insect Natural Enemy Community Structures and Diversity of Natural Enemies Between Integrated Pest Management and Conventional Management of Jujube Orchards Research Advance on Biological Control of Conifer Bark Beetles with the Predator,Rhizophagus grandis(Coleoptera:Rhizophagidae) Relationship between occurrence of Dryocosmus kuriphilus and development of cecidum The effects of two insecticides on predation function of predatory natural enemies The species and community structure of white wax insect natural enemy in different production area in the oviposition period Impacts of elevated CO2 on insects LABORATORY TESTS AND FIELD TRAHS OF FIPRONIL AGAINST RICE INSECT PESTS THE CONTROL EFFECT OF LONG TERM PRESERVATION AND UTILIZATION OF NATURAL ENEMIES IN PADDY FIELD AGAINST BROWN PLANTHOPPERS The relationships between a main pest Clania minuscula Ovicidal/larvicidal activities of Bacillus thuringiensis spore-crystal proteins to Ovomermis sinensis Influence of natural enemies on population of Aphis gosspyii Functional features of preserving natural enemies to control insect pests in intercropped cotton field ecosystems The differential dynamics of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, planthoppers and their natural enemies in two rice paddy ecosystems Study on Phytoseius yunhangensis , A Natural Enemy of Schizotetranychus bambusae A STUDY ON HIPPOTA DORSALIS Ⅱ. NATURAL ENEMIES AND CHEMICAL CONTROL Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on plant, herbivorous insect, and its natural enemy: A review. PARASITISM OF PROCECIDOCHARES UTILIS AND ITS EFFECT ON GROWTH AND REPRODUCTION OF EUPATORIUM ADENOPHORUM Analysis of the Spatio-Temporal Structure and Dominance of Natural Enemy Arthropod in Jujube Yard Effects of plant hedgerow on population dynamics of wheat aphid and its natural enemies. THE EFFECTS OF FILMED GROUND AND DRY GROWING CONDITIONS ON THE OCCURRENCE OF RICE PESTS, NATURAL ENEMIES AND SAPROPHAGOUS INSECTS ON SOME ASPECTS OF COMMUNITY ECOLOGY ASSOCIATED WITH THE PRESERVATION AND UTILIZATION OF FARMLAND NATURAL ENEMIES ON THE COMMUNITY STRUCTURE OF MAJOR INSECT PESTS AND NATURAL ENEMIES IN SIMMER CORN FIELD INLAID IN COTTON AREA