Biological control efficiency of ladybirds on arthropod pests in cotton agroecosystems Relationships between the emergence and oviposition of ectoparasitoid Spathius agrili Yang and its host emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire Root Colonization and Effects of Seven Strains of Actinomycetes on Leaf PAL and PPO Activities of Capsicum Control efficacy of Bacillus subtilis sf 628 on pear anthracnose Selection of endophytic bacteria for suppression of corn sheath blight caused by Rhizoctonia solani STUDY ON THE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY OF RICE BACTERIAL LEAF BLIGHT (XANTHOMONAS ORYZAE) The biological control and the natural enemy of Mikania micrantha H.B.K’s in China PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE BIONOMICS AND APPLICATION OF NETTLE CATERPILLAR GRANULOSIS VIRUS THE APPLICATION OF STEINERNEMA FELTIAE AGRIOTES AGAINST PEACH FRUIT BORER Study on the Air Sowing of Seeds Mixed with Two Antagonistic Bacteria PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF POPLAR DISEASES Responses of Mikania micrantha to parasitization of Cuscuta campestris in total soluble protein content and activities of antioxidant enzymes Biological Control of Agrilus mali (Coleoptera:Buprestidae) by Applying Four Species of Bethylid Wasp(Hymenoptera:Bethylidae) on Malus sieversii in Xinjiang Laboratory Test on Control of Japanese Pine Sawyer by Two Entomopathogenic Nematode Species A PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE BIONOMICS OF SCLERODERMA SlCHUANENSlS (HYMENOPTERA,BETHYLIDAE) Studies on the control of verticillium wilt of cotton with the mixtures of biological agents and carbendazim Overwintering and Cold Tolerance of a Parasitic Natural Enemy, Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae), in Gansu Province Virulence Bioassay of Different Metarhizium Strains Against Melanotus cribricollis Larvae EVALUATION OF PATHOGENICITY OF PARASITIC FUNGI TO ROOT-KNOT NEMATODES PREPARATION AND APPLICATION OF MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES AGAINST DENDROLIMUS PUNCTATUS CYTOPLASMIC POLYHEDROSIS VIRUS Screening of Microbes and Fungicides for Controlling Alfalfa Sclerotinia Stem Rot Pathogenicity of Aerospace Mutants of Paecilomyces lilacinus against Meloidogyne incognita Preservative Effects of Bacillus licheniformis W10 and Its Antifungal Protein on Storage Peach Fruits Preservative Effects of Bacillus licheniformis W10 and Its Antifungal Protein on Storage Peach Fruits A review of adaptive evolution of defense strategies in an invasive plant species, Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) Effects of different treatment methods of housefly pupae for the reproduction of Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae Rondani. Ecological effects of wheat-oilseed rape intercropping combined with methyl salicylate release on Sitobion avenae and its main natural enemies. Identification,colonization and disease suppressive effect of strain SC11 against cotton Fusarium wilt Potential of Entomopathogen Beauveria bassiana for Controlling Fall Webworm Hyphantria cunea Parasitic activity of three indigenous Trichogramma species to different density eggs of Leguminivora glycinivorella and their intraspecific interferences on parasitism The mass Production and Application of Nosema Locustae Against Grasshoppers Factors affecting colonization of introduced microorganisms on plant roots Biological control measures for insect pests of stored products:current status and perspectives Control effectiveness of long-winged Theocolax elegans Predation and Parasitism of Sclerodermus sp. (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) on the Young Larvae of Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Biological controlling of odor and its pollutants in pig farm Non-target impacts of weed biological control agents on native community and safeguard approaches Isolation and identification of Metarhizium anisopliae from natural infections of Coconut hispid beetle Brontispa longissima (Gestro) (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae),and preliminary studies on against this pest in Hainan island,China A NEW SPECIES IN THE GENUS APROSTOCETUS (HYMENOPTERA: EULOPHIDAE) PARASTIZING PUPA OF FALL WEBWORM FROM YANTAI, SHANDONG PROVINCE, CHINA Antibiotics production by bacterial agents and its role in biological control Control of watermelon fusarium wilt by using antagonistenhanced biological organic fertilizers Application of Trichoderma spp. in the control of cotton Verticillium wilt ON THE APPLICATION OF STEINERNEMATID NEMATODES AGAINST EIGHT LEPIDOPTEROUS AND COLEOPTEROUS INSECT PESTS Pathogen Identification of Gerbera Powdery Mildew and Its Control Experiment with Verticillium lecanii Pathogen Identification of Gerbera Powdery Mildew and Its Control Experiment with Verticillium lecanii Investigation of populations of parasitic wasps parasitizing Carposina sasakii Matsumura (Lepidoptera: Carposinidae) in jujube orchards in China, with respect to the wasp-host relationship Evaluation on control efficiency of bethylid parasitoids on pest insects indoor:a case of Sclerodermus sp. (Hymenoptera:Bethylidae) The economic value of ecological regulating services provided by agricultural insects in China PROGRESS AND PROSPECTS IN RESEARCH OF AN EXOTIC INVASIVE SPECIES, EUPATORIUM ADENOPHORUM THE STUDY OF A SPECIOUS INVASIVE PLANT, WATER HYACINTH (EICHHORNIA CRASSIPES): ACHIEVEMENTS AND CHALLENGES Relationship between the rampancy of cucumber mosaic virus and the climate warming and countermeasures A preliminary study on the control of Pieris rapae using Phryxe vulgaris A New pathogen to Control Pine Longhorned Beetle Monochamus alternatus ISOLATION AND UTILIZATION OF MICROORGANISM STRAINS TO CONTROL WHEAT SCAB Applied Studies of Biological Control Techniques on Healthful Chinese Crud Drugs Host adaptations of the generalist parasitoids and some factors influencing the choice of hosts Classical biological control of exotic weeds Virulence of Bacillus thuringiensis to Monochamus alternatus and Its biological Characteristics Screening of Actinomyces on Antagonism to Rhizoctonia solani Isolated from Saline-alkali Soils in Hexi Corridor Colonization dynamics of Bacillus cereus B3-7 on wheat roots and control efficiency against sharp eyespot of wheat Colonization trends of endophytic bacteria in cotton and their biological control effect on cotton Verticillium wilt Biological Control of Apriona swainsoni (Coleoptera:Cerambycidae) by Applying Three Parasitoid Species Biocontrol of Batocera horsfieldi (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)Attacking Ash Trees by Releasing the Parasitoid Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae) Biological Control of Apriona swainsoni (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) by Releasing the Parasitic Beetle Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae) Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables Theoretical and applied studies on predator-prey interaction Intraguild predation among predatory insects Hippodamia variegata, Coccinella septempunctata and Chrysopa pallens at different stages A STUDY ON EFFECTIVE ACCUMULATED TEMPERATURE AND THRESHOLD TEMPERATURE FOR DEVELOPMENT CHOUIOIA CUNEA Yang (HYMENOPTERA:EULOPHIDAE) Colonization trends of endophytic bacteria EBS05 in wheat and its control effect on wheat sharp eyespot Colonization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ZB27 and its control effect on hybrid bamboo blight Identification of the antagonistic fungus strain HTC and its potential for biocontrol of pepper phytophthora blight Isolation of Endophytes and Screen of Antagonistic Strains in Poplar Trees The Antagonism of Bacillus firmus against Three Strains of Pathogenetic Fungi Effects of combining bioorganic fertilizer with different cropping systems on controlling fusarium wilt disease of banana biological control| tomato bacterial wilt| Bacillus spp| antagonistic activity| Minimum amounts of suitable habitat for wheat aphid, parasitoid, and hyperparasitoid in facility-based agricultural landscapes. Influences of high temperature shock on the reproduction and development of the Wolbachia\|induced parthenogenetic parasitoid wasp, Encarsia formosa (Gahan) ON THE APPLICATION OF TRICHOGRAMMATIDS AGAINST REED STALK BORERS THE APPLICATION OF CODLING MOTH NEMATODE AGAINST THE LITCHI STEMBORER THE BIONOMICS OF BAMBOO WEEVIL AND ITS CONTROL BY ENTOMOPATHOGENIC NEMATODE